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'How We Met Our Local Drug Dealer' - Director of Photography 

'Barry.' - Director of Photography
'The Devil You Know' - Writer/Producer/DOP/Director



'Melbourne; A love affair' - Director/DOP 
• '@Christmas' - DOP

'3 Minute Paradox' - DOP/Producer 
'Dark Night of the Zomboogies' - DOP/Editor/Director
'Anytime' - DOP  
• 'Misunderstandings' - DOP/Editor

• 'The Immortal Man's Death' - DOP/Director
'Leaving Leah' - DOP/Director

• 'I, Portrait' - DOP

'Vampire Hooker Hotel' - DOP 

'Rain' Music Video - DOP 

'Alex Proyas Materclass at MUFF' - DOP


'Homecoming' - Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/Producer

'Quarrentine:Zombie Outbreak' Mock Game Trailer - Editor/DOP

'Rage Release' Mock Infomercial - Writer/Co-director/DOP

'Samantha' - writer/director/DOP

'Motionless' - Director/camera

'After All' - Director/Writer/DOP

'Leaves' - Director/Writer/DOP

'Hannya Girl' - DOP

'What We Did In The Dark' - Director/writer/DOP

• 'Gossip' - Director/DOP

'BAK Animations video' - videographer 

'Spinning A Yarn' - Director/DOP

• 'Camp Wheredaheckarewe' - DOP

'Time Theory' - Director/DOP 

'These Few Hours' - Writer/DOP/Director

•'Video Nasty Doco' - DOP

'The Fly' - Director/DOP

'Blackwood' - DOP


'We Live Here' Music Video - Cinematographer 
'Bigfoot Down Under' - Cinematographer 

'Blargenfloof and the Seventh Golden Shamrock' - Director/DOP

'The Ballad of Captain Vengeance' - DOP

'David Rose Presents; My One Regret; Joking With a German' - DOP

'The Social Network Showreel scene' - Videographer

'Children See, Children Do' Promotional Video - Director/camera

'Oh! The Horror' - Cinematographer 

'Guide Me' Sugar and Spice Music clip - Director/camera/editor 

'Lucy's Psychic' trailer - Cinematographer/associate producer

'Vampires Down Under' - Cinematographer

'Petal - Cold Sleep Music Video' - Camera Operator/BTS 

'All These Things I Never Told You' - Writer/director/camera 


'Children See, Children Do Southbank Rotary' Camera/editor

'A Touch Of Reverie' - Director/Cinematographer 

'Save and Suffocate - Sirus Music Video' - Camera Operator

• 'On the Lemon with Eugene Lemon; Wanda and Sully promotional video' - Camera


'Royalty' poetry reading - Camera/editing

'Blood and Glory' - Camera Operator/Producer
• 'Outta The Can' S4E6&7 - Camera/Editing

• 'Doomer' - Producer/Cinematographer 

• 'Lady Terror' - Cinematographer


• 'The Fitzroy Art Collective Presents: Outta The Can' - Camera

'Kath & Best Wedding' - Camera/Producer

• 'Sally's 50th' - Videographer

• 'Dad' - Short Scene - Cinematographer 

• 'Surreal Film' - Cinematographer

• 'A Song for Sam' - Camera Operator


• 'NHP Interviews' Videographer 

• 'Tomorrow' Camera 

• 'Bitter Desire' cinematographer


I, Portrait | Official Trailer

I, Portrait | Official Trailer

Stream Now Direct TV: Vudu: Vimeo On Demand: Youtube Movies: Google Play: Microsoft: Prime Video: Carmen McKenna (Natalie Heslop Playboy) has a gift. She is an award-winning painter. Whatever she paints materialises in her real life. Julian Ryde (Nathan Hill Revenge of the Gweilo) her husband, is a casting agent. They seem to have the perfect marriage. Then one day they receive an unexpected visit from an old school friend, Stephanie Mitchell (Sienna Stass). She’s a country girl trying to find herself in the big city. The couple invite her to stay a while at their house, unaware of her ulterior motives. Stephanie’s dark past begins to haunt them, and so they ask her to leave. Unfortunately, she has plans to destroy the couple’s relationship and letting go of her won’t be as easy as they hoped.  From the associate producer of Pernicious, and in the tradition of Single White Female and Cruel Intentions, also featuring hit songs by Jane Badler and Billy Kat, I, Portrait will not disappoint fans of the Thriller genre. Ratio: 16x9 Audio: 2 .0 Cast: Natalie Heslop, Sienna Stass, Nathan Hill Director: Nathan Hill Duration: 90mins Lang:English Year: 2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bounty Films | Subscribe now on Social Media: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #bountyfilms #officialtrailer #iportrait #nathanhill #natalieheslop #siennastass
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